- the service to create photobooks


Initially a task set by a customer consisted in creation of a product allowing the online creation of a book, placing an order, automatic book printing on a third-party service and taking a finished book in a delivery point.

A distributed system has been created for this program solution:

  • Site

-- Google analytics has been connected

-- registration using account in social networks

  • The master in books creation - the application, allowing the creation of a photobook in browser
  • AppServer - the core of entire system through which most queries are passed
  • pdfConverter - the service which modifies an xml description of a project into a pdf-file
  • Files storage on Amazon S3
  • The module for services working capacity monitoring

Project originality:

  • First of all the project is of some interest for being a less-common service in our country
  • The project is international: the customer is in the USA and the printing equipment is in Holland


  • The absense of complete terms of reference
  • The presence of two customers and as a result - the absense of coherence
  • Solid customer's participation in the project whereby the constant plans modification took place

Other project features:

  • Most free monitoring and analytics tools have been engaged in the project
  • Currently the customer directly contacts developers